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Maslyakov Vladimir Vladimirovich, Doctor of medical sciences, professor, vice-rector for research, Saratov Medical University “Reavis” (building 10, Verkhniy rynok street, Saratov, Russia), E-mail:
Pavlova Ol'ga Nikolaevna, Doctor of biological sciences, professor, sub-department of morphology and pathology, Medical University “Reavis” (227 Chapaevskaya street, Samara, Russia), E-mail:
Fedotova Natal'ya Nikolaevna, Postgraduate student, Medical University “Reavis” (227 Chapaevskaya street, Samara, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The goal of the work is to study changes in tromboelastograms of patients with ischemic stroke during the acute period.
Materials and methods. The study involved 160 patients, of whom relatively healthy (made no complaints, were not registered in the dispensary and did not have established diagnoses) – 100 people (50 men and 50 women). 60 people (30 men and 30 women) were diagnosed with ischemic stroke at the time of admission.
Results. As a result of the study, changes in the indicators of thromboelastograms of citrated blood plasma were found in patients with ischemic stroke in the acute period, manifested by an increase in all parameters, which indicated platelet activation.
Conclusion. In the acute period of ischemic stroke, blood coagulation is activated, while in the group of men with ischemic stroke this process is more pronounced than in the group of women. 

Key words

indicators of thromboelastogram, blood coagulation, ischemic stroke 

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